Friday, 24 November 2017

Millennium: TechCon 2017


We are very excited to announce that Millennium is hosting their annual conference-TechCon-on December 9th, 2017!

This is a great opportunity to not only a great opportunity to meet professionals in technological fields,  but also a great chance for you to meet other like-minded and striving individuals who are interested in a career in STEM. The $25 All-Access Day pass to the TechCon conference includes 2 distinguished keynotes, 1 speaker series, 3 workshops, complimentary networking and exhibition session with food and drinks provided, freebies and more!

The 3 workshops are based on the following topics:
- Virtual Reality
- Robotics (hosted by BrainSTEM)
- Graphic Design (lead by Angela Martinez)

Besides these exciting and fun workshops, you also get the chance to listen to speakers-Angel Tian, a software engineer at Microsoft and Ray Hsu, the founder and director of the Immersive Technology Lab-and receive the opportunity to ask them questions and gain insightful knowledge.

REGISTER NOW FOR EARLY BIRD SALES - $20 (ends on Nov. 26; regular prices-$25-ends on Dec. 6):