Friday 26 April 2024


Attention West Vancouver, North Vancouver 

School District Grade 10-12 students! 

We designed specifically for individuals interested in operational or front-line policing. If you are passionate about pursuing a career in law enforcement, this is a fantastic opportunity for you. 

Applications due May 31st. 

 Please see your Work Experience Advisor. 

Interested in Construction? Get a FREE pair of boots via the Steel-Toe Boots Bursary!!

 We're excited to hear you're interested in exploring careers in construction and the homebuilding industry!

This bursary program aims to provide high school students with steel-toe boots to support their exploration of a career in homebuilding. The Canadian Homebuilders' Association of BC (CHBA BC) is an organization committed to fostering education and career development, and this initiative will empower students to make informed decisions about their future paths while promoting safety in hands-on learning environments.

Our Objective:

The goal of our bursary program is to remove financial barriers hindering students from actively participating in construction-related activities by providing them with essential safety gear, specifically steel-toe boots. These boots are not only a mandatory safety requirement on construction sites but also serve as a symbolic entry point into the world of construction careers.


High school students who express a genuine interest in exploring construction careers through vocational courses or workshops will be eligible to apply for the bursary. This program applies to co-op terms, spring break, and summer break.

Application Process:

Students will be required to submit a brief application expressing their interest in construction careers and which trade they are most intrigued by.

Selection Process:

A CHBA BC selection committee will evaluate applications based on criteria such as enthusiasm for construction careers and the potential impact of the bursary on the student's educational journey.


Selected students will receive a voucher for up to $250 to cover the cost of steel-toe boots from Mark's Work Warehouse. This voucher will have no cash value, and students will be able to get a new pair of boots to use for this experience. 

Experience Closeout:

Once students have completed their experience, they will complete a reflection and have the opportunity to keep the boots if they choose to pursue a career in construction. If not, the boots will be donated to skilled trades programs throughout B.C.

Ready to get started! Fill out the form at the link below and we'll be in touch!

Steel-Toe Boots Bursary - CHBA BC